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For the very first time in India, Bhramos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is trying to incorporate farming and solar energy power plant under one piece of land and share the benefits of both with farmers.

The achievement of climate neutrality by 2050 will necessitate a deep transformation of our economy, society and natural environment. In this context, managing a successful transition to a 100% renewable energy system and towards a more sustainable agri-food system will be essential.

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Agricultural Photovoltaic (Agri-PV) offers an opportunity to enable the achievement of both sustainable agriculture and clean energy transitions. Agri-PV refers to the combination of agricultural infrastructure with photovoltaic installations.

This way, solar contributes to making agriculture more sustainable, competitive and resilient to climate change. Furthermore, it is fully beneficial to farmers, with whom the solar sector is working to improve agricultural yields while simultaneously generating clean electricity.

Our Objectives

  1. Mainstream Agri-PV within India’s agriculture agenda including the KUSUM Yojana.

  2. Ensure that Modern Agricultural Policy enables the growth of the Agri-PV market across India.

  3. Foster the deployment of Agri-PV in the country through the Clean Energy initiative.

  4. Highlight the unique role of Agri-PV within the updated Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of India.

  5. Share knowledge and best practices for the development of Agri-PV projects across the Asian market.

  6. Work to find a common definition of Agri-PV that enables the development of sustainable Agri-PV infrastructure, practices and policies across India.

  7. Create business opportunities for Agri-PV developers by bringing together MNRE, Ministry of Agriculture, and Rural Development communities.

Benefits of Agri-PV

  1. Agri-PV will help in achieving a high yield and show significant growth in overall production.

  2. It will provide farmers of India with an additional source of income to support them during non-harvest seasons.

  3. It will help farmers to grow crops 100% organically.

  4. The future of Agri-PV will be based on AI and ML, thus making commercial farming easy and assured of quality.

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