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Solar Street Lights

Our solar street lights with state-of-the-art technology provide high-quality illumination for your outdoor premises. The solution helps you save on electricity bills using Power of Sun.

A typical solar Street light system consists of 5 major components: the solar panel, the battery,
the light fixture, the controller, and the pole. During the day the solar panel captures sunlight then
converts it to electrical energy and stores it in the battery, put into use for the street light at the
night automatically, and cut off during the daytime.


  1. Compact Design: Our design and technology implementation have been driven by our desire
    to eliminate the need for bulky external battery boxes and external solar panels and achieve
    All-In-One Solar Powered Street Light.

  2. Lower Operation Cost: It is less expensive to operate a solar-powered street light than a traditional street light.

  3. Reduced Damage/Theft: By locating directly on the light fixture and placing the battery within, the risk of damage, theft, or tampering is greatly reduced. There are no wires in the street pole, which means that the wire itself (which exists in regular street lights) can’t be stolen and sold for scrap.

  4. Ruggedized Technology: Require less maintenance and reduced parts replacement due to initially incorporating higher quality components.

  5. Insect Swarms: The solar-powered street light uses LED lighting which does not produce Infrared light, and therefore will not attract insects.

  6. Improved Safety: The solar-powered street light does not require a connection to an electrical grid. It is safer and easier to install. In the event of a power outage, the light remains on. This reduces the chance of accidents and the constant light deters

  7. Anywhere/anytime: The solar-powered street light can be used in any location. Since no electrical grid is required, it can be installed on buildings, in parking lots, in remote
    locations simply by hanging it on a pole.

  8. Faster Installation: Since you don’t need to trench power lines to the pole, run wires up the pole, connect wires to an electrical grid, or hardwire the street light, the installation is
    significantly faster. It is so easy, it can be installed on the pole before it’s erected, thereby reducing a step completely from the process.

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