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Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants

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Solar Ground Mounted

Ground-mount solar panels can be placed anywhere in a yard or field that sees the sun for the majority of the day.

What is Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants?

  • A grid-connected and ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) power system is an electricity generating solar PV plant that is connected to the utility grid.

  • This PV system consists of solar panels, one or several inverters, and grid connection equipment. Ground-mounted plants are installed on grounds and are mainly a centralized form of power generation.

  • These PV systems always have a connection to the public electricity grid. Even though a solar power farm looks like a development that has a vast impact on the environment, and is a step towards a sustainable future but there is more to it than just the environmental aspect.

Advantages of Grid-Connected Solar Power Plant

  • Contribute a lot of clean and green environment than a generation from coal, thermal and hydro.

  • A photovoltaic power system is carbon-negative over its lifespan.

  • Solar Park has positive environmental impacts when compared to conventional energy, for instance, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O, CH4, etc.), and prevention of toxic gas emissions (SO2, particulates).

  • Solar energy systems used in Solar Parks are silent because they don’t have a loud moving part. Hence, there is no sort of disturbing noise pollution coming out from Solar Park.

  • Solar reduces the need for finite resources: Solar energy is renewable and once completed, it will not need any finite resource for its functioning, unlike conventional-based power plants. Thus, having a positive impact on the environment.

Services Offered

Services OfferedDescription
Knowledge Transfer • Project Information Consultancy
• Documents Arrangement & Preparation
• Project Simulation
Land • Land search and land identification
• Consultancy for land lease by convincing the land owner and community.
• Consultancy for all legal prospective of land including identification of land map, owner in khasra/khatauni and other related.
• Land survey for technical feasibility of solar project and geographical feasibility including climate factor.
• Soil test and other test for land strength.
• Change of Land usage.
• Preparation of final lease draft agreement.
Energy Generation Evaluation • Energy Generation evaluation by Pvsyst/pvsol/SAM.
• Documents arrangement and preparation.
• Project simulation.
• Voltage DC: 800V
• Max Output Current: 1.7A/HP
Grid Feasibility • Technical survey and study of grid feasibility with nearest utility grid/substation from land.
• Multiple Joint survey with concerned officers of Power Corporation.
• Case study, project planning including line diagram, and estimate for power evacuation to utility grid/substation.
• Documentation work for technical grid feasibility report and other NOC.
Other NOC & Documentation • All related and unrelated NOC required for project.
Detail Project Report • Preparation of Technical Detailed Project Report As Per Site.
• Preparation of Detailed Financial Project Report.
Project Finance • Consultancy for Project Finance related matter with bank or investor.
• Preparation of all related documents for project loan from bank/investor.
Engineering Procurement & Construction • Project Planning & Plant Engineering
• Design & Engineering
• Procurement Work
• Construction
• Installation & Commissioning
• Testing & Commissioning
• Detailed EPC Work Scope Are Attached in EPC Contract
Related Infrastructure • Road Connectivity & Internal Pathways
• Water Supply System & Water Pipeline Across Project
• Storm Water Drainage
• Power Evacuation Infrastructure/Control Room
• Cable Corridors
• Project Boundary/Fencing
• Street Lights
• Monitoring Devices
• Firefighting System
• Whether Monitoring Devices
• CCTV Camera

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