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~ Automated Water Flow Monitoring & Control System ~

Munshi 2

This product is specifically designed to give the freedom and control of water supply pumps to the user remotely from anywhere in the world. This product developed by Aarkaya is patented for its design and technology, and its exclusive rights are given to Bhramos technologies for its further development and sales.

What Munshi Does?

  1. Reduces Power Consumption
  2. Provides Remote Monitoring & Control 
  3. Saves Water
  4. Has Built-In Fault Warning System
  5. Manages Digital Data Record & Backups
  6. Have Access Using Web & Mobile Application
  7. Get Updates via Status/Push Notifications
Munshi Portal

Manage your devices using our online Munshi Portal

What Are Monitoring Parameters?

  1. Phase Voltage Detection
  2. Phase Current Detection
  3. Switch Status: On/Off
  4. Pump Run Time
  5. Phase Faults
  6. Water Pumped Out Data (In Real-Time)
  7. Auto/Manual Toggle Mode

The device is designed to withstand against the following Input & Output faults.

Fault Protections

Input FaultsOutput Faults
Phase Absent Overload
Reverse Phase Dry-Run
Voltage Unbalance Current Unbalance
- Extreme High Current
- Starter trip

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