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Solar Home Lighting System

Smart Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System (SHLS) is a great way to harness the sun’s energy to light up your home and run small home appliances. A home lighting system is a compact, portable and easily mountable, economical solution to all your small energy needs. The solar energy generated by a home lighting system can be stored in the solar battery and used for lighting whenever required.

It is the perfect solution for rural areas to illuminate their streets and homes with solar energy that is free and clean. For areas where electricity has no access, these solar lighting systems are not less than a boon. People residing in such regions can light up their homes, charge mobile phones and batteries, watch TVs and enjoy radios with a solar home lighting system.

This system is developed under the make in India initiative and Rural Development program by the government of India. Solar home lighting systems can be purchased at affordable prices which are reducing continuously. The economic value of solar lamps has made the system quite successful in many rural areas.

For your convenience, below we have listed Home Solar Lights in various capacities along with their prices.

ModelSelling Price
18W - Home Lighting System Rs. 10,675
20W - Home Lighting System Rs. 15,260
30W - Home Lighting System Rs. 20,500

The Home Lighting System Consists

  1. Solar Panel
  2. LED Bulb
  3. Solar Battery
  4. Mobile Charging Point
  5. MPPT Based Solar Controller
  6. Control Box With Switches
  7. 5 Meters Wire

This whole system comes with a product warranty of 1 year and a panel warranty of 10 Years.

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